Saturday, October 31, 2015

Painting with Skittles!

My 2 year old preschool class loved this project!  It's one I plan to repeat and one I'll have my own children do at home.  So here it is, painting with Skittles! 

Skittles (8-12 of each color)
baby food jars or cups, bowls, etc.
clear corn syrup
paintbrush and paper

We had been talking about the 5 Senses this week and boy did this project go right along with that theme!  

Skills used
Math: sorting and counting
Fine Motor: using pincher fingers to sort
Art/Manipulative: freedom to create art at will

5 Senses used: (for Skittles)
Touch - smooth 
Taste - sweet
Sight - colors, round, small
Smell - sweet
Hearing - we listened to them jiggle in the glass jars

First, during circle time I had each child help me sort the Skittles by color into the baby jars.  This is excellent practice for their pincher fingers!  We were able to talk about the colors as we went, as well as counting.  We used 8-10 of the darker colors (red, blue, purple) and 10-12 of the lighter colors (green and orange).  

Next, we listened to the skittles jiggle around in the jars as I swirled them around. They then watched as I poured the corn syrup into each jar.  We talked about it being thick and looking sticky but we didn't touch it yet.  ;)  Set them to the side.  It takes at least overnight for the colors to work!

You can show your class throughout the day that the colors from the skittles are starting to be "pulled" by the corn syrup.  Stir the syrup and skittles then leave them overnight until the next school day.  I simply covered ours with a paper towel and left them.  

The next day we stirred again. We smelled inside each jar.  It smells sweet like each of the Skittle flavors!  Our project wasn't going to be until the end of the day, so we left them on our counter for a few more hours.  The longer they sat, the more vibrant the colors became! 

Here comes the fun part!  Remember, my class is only 2 years old (and a few young 3's)!  They did excellent with this!  

Here is my own daughter (almost 4) enjoying the left over "paints" after my class was over.  

The colors swirled together as they painted.  I'll be excited to come back and blog about the results once their projects are dry.  I'll post a few of theirs in my next blog post!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cheap Birthday Candle Makeover!

I had a DIY birthday party -stroke of genius- this year when my little girls turned 5!  (It took me 6 months to find time to blog about it...busy wifey of an oilfield hubby.)

We had a Frozen birthday party for her.  She was so excited, and I had everything perfectly planned out.  Except I forgot to order the perfect cake topper!  So I settled for a generic #5 birthday candle from the dollar store...

Then it hit me!  

Glue + glitter = stroke of genius!

Taa-daa!  There you have it.  The perfect solution to the cheap candles!  Obviously you can customize to your birthday theme colors.  :)  Enjoy!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY Strawberry Shortcake Party

We recently celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday.  Strawberry Shortcake style!  I wanted to do as much of the party as I could by hand, so I spent a lot of time searching Pinterest and the rest of the web for money saving Strawberry Shortcake ideas.  I found plenty of FREE printables and decided on these to use as ours this time: 

Many thanks to Sherry K Designs for offering these!

Super cute!!  Here are the pictures from the party.  Hope it gives you a few ideas for your Strawberry Shortcake party!!    ;)

I used the blank invitation to make the "Our gifts to you" tag.  I found the strawberry grow kits at Target.  After everybody ate, I let the kids plant the seeds.  It was a very fun party activity!

Printable banner! I just used ribbon...very simple!

I ordered the plates, napkins, candles and paper straws online.  The party tray and party bowls were found at Hobby Lobby.

This cake was delicious!  Not too sweet, very moist.  Recipe here:

I decided this year to get my daughter a small bouquet of flowers.  She picked out tulips.  They were in packs of 5 at our local grocery store for $4.99.  4 red ones for her turning 4, one purple on "to grow on", as the saying goes.  Yes, those are fresh strawberries!

The drink labels were printed using the free printables I posted above.  They were taped onto the drinks, then I let them chill in the fridge.

The water labels were found using a google search.  I was not able to find them again when I tried to get the link, however there are plenty of free labels to choose from! 

The food cards were made with poster board (a "rainbow" pack of poster board at Target was just a few dollars and provided more than enough to make these plus a fun sign for outside.)  I also used the character printables from the blog I posted above and cut them out, using tape to secure them to the poster board.

The serving cups were found at Hobby Lobby.  :)

This was a "skinny", light snack that had just enough strawberry flavor.  Recipe here:

Blueberry and Strawberry muffins

Lemon cookies

Orange (seedless) cups (with yummy berries)

Vanilla pudding colored with food dye to create a plum color.  Tip:  the food dye began to separate, as you can see in the cups here, because I had prepared these cups the night before.  Try to wait until the day of the party to prepare the cups, so you can give the pudding a good stir!

Raspberry brownies.  These were made using a regular brownie mix and adding 2 tbsp of raspberry jelly.  Note: this made the brownies extra moist, so next time I will try cooking them at a lower temperature for longer than the directions on the brownie mix suggests!

Berry Bitty City sign, welcoming party guests.

There you have it!  My party girl had a "berry" good time!

P.S.  Her outfit was found on Zulily, here:
Do a search for Strawberry Shortcake ;)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Velata Toffee Recipe

I love chocolate.  Any kind of chocolate!  I especially love Velata chocolate, by Scentsy family.  Yep, the wickless candle company also sells amazing Belgium chocolate fondue warmers!  It's meant for melting and dipping, but I pour it over fruit, ice cream, pound cake, pancakes...I dip my pretzels and potato chips in it.  I even eat the chocolate disks right from the Velata pouch as you would a Hershey's Kiss.  Yes...Velata is THAT GOOD! 

Well, I ran across this Toffee recipe that has been floating around the internet.  I wish I had the exact recipe I followed so I could link this brilliant person like they deserved to be linked.  But if you do a simple google search for "saltine cracker toffee", you're bound to find a slew of copy cat recipes!  That's what my recipe's a copy cat, except I used my beloved VELATA chocolate instead of regular store bought chocolate chips.  The difference?  Think of Velata as the Macy's or Bloomingdale's of department stores, while store bought chocolate chips is the Dillard's or JCPenney's.  Nothing wrong with store bought chocolate chips at all...they are still tasty...but not AS tasty or AS gourmet as Velata! 

So here it is, complete with my own personal pictures of the recipe steps.  :) 

What you need:
36 saltine crackers
1 cup butter

1 cup brown sugar
 2 (6 oz) bags of Velata chocolate
1 cup of your choice of chopped walnuts, peanuts, sprinkles, crushed candy, etc...

Preheat oven to 375.
Line a cookie sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray. 
Place the saltines in a single layer on the tray. Try not to overlap.
I broke some of mine to fill in the gaps. ;)
And yes, I ended up putting some on that bottom left corner!
 In a saucepan, melt the one cup of butter.
Add your one cup of brown sugar.
Bring to a slow boil and stir continuously for about 3 minutes.
 Immediately pour the mixture over the crackers, covering as evenly as possible.
 In your heated oven (375 degrees), bake for 5-7 minutes.

After taking them out, immediately place your
Velata chips on the top. 
(I pretty much laid mine out one by one so they wouldn't overlap and take too long to melt.)
As you can see, I used white chocolate AND milk chocolate!
Allow the chocolate to melt a little on it's own.
Note: Velata chips are bigger than your normal chocolate chip. I placed mine back in the hot oven for 30 seconds to a minute to let them warm a tad!

Spread the melted chocolate from end to end.

Add your choice of toppings here: sprinkles, nuts, etc.  I decided not to use any on my first try.
Refrigerate until cool, then break into pieces to serve!

There you have it!  The easiest, yummiest "toffee" with chocolate ever!
To purchase Velata,

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ready to Ship Jewelry

Hi all!  Some of you may know that I run a little jewelry boutique on Facebook and I also have an etsy account for my handmade items.  I'm running a special on my Ready to Ship items!  Check them out!  (You'll need to "like" my facebook page, the comment on the photo of the items you want.) 

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scentsy "STAYcation"!

What's a "STAYCATION" Scentsy pack? 6 bars of scents that will take you away on your OWN little holiday!! They are buy 5 and get one free, so it's only $25!!

1) I'm feeling the need to "JET, SET and GO - whisk me off to a balmy, tropical paradise, of Brazilian orange, jungle papaya, and island vanilla".

2) Take me away to the "BEACH - with the scents of papaya, honeydew, and sweetened with a HINT of coconut"
3) Where I will sit beside that beautiful, blue "OCEAN - with cool and refreshing aquatic notes deepened with water lilies and ocean breezes"

4) In the cool of the trees in the "SERENE GREEN - where deep green lime leaves, crisp verbena, and tart citrus zest in a bright happy fragrance"

5)While I sip on this amazing "LIME & KIWI CANTALOUPE - a refreshing summer cooler with icy lime, juicy kiwi, and bright cantaloupe"

6) I know I need to return home at some point, but right now I am just simply enjoying this "HONEYMOON HIDEAWAY - where I have escaped to a secluded retreat of dew kissed lily, and tart sweet kiwi, shaded by a LUSH coconut palm!

Order your "STAYCATION" package from me today!! to order your "Staycation".
Note, this is just a fun way for me to recommend 6 of our scents from our new Spring/Summer 2013 scents and from our Favorites line.  There is not an actual "Staycation" Scentsy pack to purchase.  :)  Simply go to my website and find the 6 pack of bars for $25 (in Combine & Save section) and fill in your order with these scents, or ANY you choose to indulge in for your STAYCATION!


Braided Bracelets by Ann Faith Designs

Hi All!  :) I decided I'd share my Braided Bracelets I made for my Ann Faith Designs jewelry shop.  These are super popular and I feel that Facebook just isn't letting me show my work to enough people...they restrict posts SO MUCH on our fan pages now!  I'm not ready to add these to my etsy shop yet because I'm working on my Vintage jewelry lovelies!  I'll add them all at the same time. 

Anyway, here they are!  These were handmade with lots of love and care, and no, they aren't perfect...but that's the point of them being handmade.  They weren't made in a factory, where things are mass produced to look EXACTLY the same as the next bracelet out.  I love these color combos I did, which I haven't seen much of from others who do these I'd like to think mine are unique in that way!  Super fun, funky colors for Summer! 

$12.00 Shipped to US only
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